The modern drummer assistant!

The only software 100% dedicated to the practice of drums : transcribe your scores directly while playing on your drums, access online courses, check your timing and track your progress!

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Automatically transcribe from your drums, compose and share your creations

Drumstik is the only application that allows you to create scores while playing directly on your electronic drum kit! You have an idea ? Need to quickly lay down your inspiration? Launch Drumstik, play your groove to generate your transcription automatically! Rework it to your heart's content from the Score Editor, then share it with those who need it.


Develop your game with online courses

You need to develop your game? You are looking for exciting new challenges? Drumstik gives you access to an exclusive online content platform to become a better drummer. Carried out by professional teachers and drummers, the lessons are accessible to everyone: whatever your level! The working documents are provided with the sessions so that you can practice directly with the software.

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Stay motivated by viewing your progress!

All scores edited with Drumstik (or available on our online platform) are compatible with our unique functionality: "coach" mode! You want to achieve the perfect performance? You want to know if you are playing over time? Load the partition you want to train on in the software, play over it and that’s it! Drumstik analyzes your game, and provides you with a performance history to view your progress!

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Gerald Massoubre (Wikidrummers)

Much more than a simple application!

You can of course edit your scores but also work, challenge yourself, share and also have access to a content platform in perpetual evolution.

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Sebastien Benoits (Batterie Magazine)

A revolution !

With disconcerting simplicity, Drumstik offers us a real educational Swiss Army Knife: rhythm coach, playback, real-time jam, score writing, printing ... Everything is there to make rhythmic life easier for us!

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All the features, on all your devices

Take Drumstik everywhere with you so you never lose sight of your projects: in full version on computer, or in light version for smartphone.

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le 04/09/2020

New update of the iOS app

After a few weeks of development and adjustments, the new version of Drumstik iOS is now available on the App Store!

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