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Drumstik for Mac is the only software 100% dedicated to the practice and learning of drums. Boost your creativity by transcribing your ideas automatically, develop your game with new resources and follow your progress thanks to the coach mode. The app that revolutionizes drumming!

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Nice application, however, it lacks the possibility of orienting the notes as desired separately on the same time (for example: over a time we have a charleston quarter note with the tail of the note up and a bass drum with a note tail down) drummers are used to this writing and it is not possible to do it, either all the way up or all the way down. And of course we are missing the possibility of positioning the notes ourselves on the score with our stylus as on staffpad. At work developers ? I will put the fifth star when the changes are made.



I appreciate this application which can really become Number One as a music score editor, dedicated to drummers (and percussionists?). I'm waiting to see its evolution for the fifth star. For the moment I have not found the symbol to write the hi-hat opening, and the samples are perfectible, (slobbery snare), there is still no possibility to write polyrhythms, nor d 'use other symbols for a cowbell, tambourine, ... but I admit that I'm impatient to wait because basically, it's already very good!



Promising software, I like the coach mode and the recorder. There are some bugs but the team is very reactive