Frequently asked questions

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about Drumstik !

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Does Drumstik work with acoustic drums?

Automatic transcription and timing analysis only work with e-drums at this time. We are developing a technology that will ultimately make it possible to take advantage of the software’s functionalities on acoustic drums.

The sheet music editor and viewing online lessons does not requie the use of e-drums or MIDI instruments.

If you have acoustic drums and want to take advantage of Drumstik’s features, you can use electronic triggers and cymbals (hybrid drums).

If you have a MIDI instrument, an SPDSX or even a Launchpad, you can use it with Drumstik.

Is a cable required?

To connect your electronic drum kit to Drumstik and take advantage of the features, you will need a suitable cable (if your e-drums module doesn’t able MIDI bluetooth pairing).

To connect your battery to your Mac, you can use:

  • A MIDI to USB or USB-C cable (depending on your Mac model)
  • A MIDI to USB cable, combined with a USB to USB-C adapter (if required)
  • Use the Bluetooth MIDI function of your module
  • Install the Roland drivers (if you play on V-Drums) and use the USB output of the module

To connect your battery to your iPad or iPhone, you can use:

  • MIDI to Lightning cable
  • A MIDI to USB cable, combined with a USB to Lightning adapter
  • Use the Bluetooth MIDI function of your module

At Drumstik, we use Bluetooth MIDI when possible. Otherwise, we use IK Multimedia iRig 2 to connect our electronic drums to our devices.

Can I export and import MIDI files?

Drumstik does provide import and export of MIDI files.

On a Mac computer, from the editor, simply go to Menu -> « File » -> « Import » -> « MIDI file ».

For the export, open the score to export then go to Menu -> « File » -> « Export » -> « MIDI file ».

On the iOS version, you can open a MIDI file from anywhere (Air Drop, mail, downloads, web browser …) with the Drumstik application. A new file will automatically be created in your library.

To export, navigate to the music sheet to export from the library then click on the share icon at the top right of the screen. Then, click on “MIDI”.

Does Drumstik take nuances into account?

Drumstik offers automatic transcription with or without nuances. This is a user adjustable setting.

Here’s how to get there:

On Mac, go to the Preferences tab -> « Sound / MIDI »

On iOS, Settings -> Advanced settings -> « Simple capture of dynamics »

Does Drumstik work with Freedrums / Aerodrums?

Drumstik is compatible with instruments that can be used as a MIDI controller. This is the case for Freedrums and Aerodrums.

To use Freedrums, we recommend that you use the Bluetooth MIDI function.

To use Aerodrums, just connect the instrument in classic USB.

MacOS won’t open Drumstik App !

If you plan to use Drumstik on macOS Mojave (10.14) or Catalina (10.15), the system might prevent the app to open as expected showing you the following message :

Drumstik is kind a safe and secure software. The app is signed with a certificate delivered by Apple. However since Mojave, Apple reenforce his security policy and require now to apply a second signing pass. We are currently waiting the second signing pass from Apple. This is why the macOS won’t open Drumstik unless you give it permission.

Here are the instructions to open the App :

1/ Go to System settings

2/ Open Security & Privacy

On first tab (General) click on the Open anyway button below

3/ macOS will remembers you why it won’t open the App with this message

Click Open and you’re good now !